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KALLOLA- An annual Short Film Contest on Child Rights, in its 4th consecutive year, invites creative minds to speak out and raise awareness on the rights of children through the medium of short films. The theme for 2018 contest is ‘WATER & CHILDREN - Safe water: every child’s right.’

The fourth season of Kallola (2018) revolves around bringing awareness regarding the urgency of providing children with safe water, joyful childhood and a secured and healthy life. Like everyone else, children too have rights to access safe water and failure of the same would have adverse impacts on their development and learning process.

When a child has access to safe water, s/he has a chance to be healthy, go to school, play with friends and have an enjoyable childhood. Child Rights are not just for children. Adults also need to be aware of them in order to respect them and ensure that all children enjoy their full rights. The parents, adults and others in the society including our government and non-government institutions need to recognise the rights of the children and work to ensure the same.

Let our films speak to ensure safe WATER for CHILDREN!

Kallola 2018 Award Winning Films

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  • 1st Prize : Guddi by - Sangram Keshari Sahoo

    2nd Prize : Jala O Bhabishyata by - Ritwik Das

    3rd Prize : Water boy by - Abinash Ku Pradhan

    Jury' Choice : Chumki by - Pradeep Ku Jena

    Children Choice : Its our responsibility by
    Ram, Satabdi & Swetasini

Kallola 2018 Award Winners

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