About Kallola

KALLOLA is a Short Film Contest on Child Rights initiated by UNICEF, in partnership with Aaina in 2015. Now, in its third season, it once again invites creative minds from Odisha, to speak out and raise awareness on the rights of children through the medium of short films.

KALLOLA signifies the happy sound of bird- song at dawn. In a perfect world, the synonym for the happy, joyful laughter of children. You may ask that if Human Rights belong to everyone, why do we need separate rights for children. Children need special care and protection to ensure that their rights are upheld.

While in Kallola 2014-15 the theme was Violence Against Children,Kallola 2016 dealt with the theme of Discrimination against girls..

The theme for 2017 is 'End violence against children...SOCH BADLO!' (Change your attitude).

This theme targets our existing thoughts and sensitivities that overlook, ignore or perpetuate an act of violence against a child. The theme directly and blatantly challenges the existing stereotypes in our behavior or action. It encourages us to reorient our and viewers' attitudes towards "accepted behavioral norms" towards violation of child rights in the immediate surroundings. The tagline 'Soch Badlo!' at the end of each film aims at directly reaching the audience that pushes them to think differently, perceive differently and act differently!

Objectives of Kallola :

  • Generating mass awareness on issues related to rights of children through this platform
  • Creating awareness on the issues among the filmmaking and creative community that can influence their own perspective and work.