Participation of children that allows them to voice their own thoughts on issues that concern them is one of the pillars towards ensuring rights of children. What better way to celebrate this right than have the children themselves participate in this contest and share their views.

With this in mind in Kallola 2016, a non-competitive category was introduced. The films in this category made by children showcases their views on the theme and how the issue could be addressed. The films made by the children were screened during the awards function, in districts as part of a travelling film festival and were shared with larger audiences in the state.

In 2017 we are taking this non-competitive segment ahead with a partnership with the Department of Women and Child Development. Fifteen adolescent girls and boys from a Child Care Institution under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (W & CD Dept.), Govt. of Odisha are selected to participate in the Kallola non-competitive section. By opening this opportunity for these children, who are one of the most vulnerable, we hope to extend to the children an opportunity to explore their skills and participate in a process. This initiative will encourage young adolescents to reflect, conceptualize and under the guidance of film experts, make short films on the theme of 'End violence against children... SOCH BADLO!'