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KALLOLA- A annual Short Film Contest on Child Rights, in its 3rd consecutive year, invites creative minds to speak out and raise awareness on the rights of children through the medium of short films. The theme for 2017 contest is 'End violence against children... SOCH BADLO!' (Change your attitude)

The third season of Kallola (2017) brings back attention to ending violence against children. Physical, sexual, emotional and mental violence that very often have social consent attached to them, perpetuate the behavior. Forms of violence may not be very overt. Many a time they are rather subtle, such as psychological pressure, intimidation, verbal assault and even silence. However, all of these impact children.

Child Rights are not just for children. Adults also need to be aware of them in order to respect them and ensure that all children enjoy their full rights. Just because you may not see violence against children does not mean it isn't there. We need to acknowledge it, address it and act now!

To end violence against children while we need effective policy & legal efforts, most importantly we need to be aware of our own attitude towards children. Only when we are aware, can we change and act differently. Actions that will get initiated only when we begin to see differently...think differently and perceive differently!

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