Kallola 2015-16, introduces a new segment 'The non-competitive category.' The films in this category will showcase the views of children on the theme and their perspective on how the issue could be addressed.

While this is a non-competitive segment, the films will be screened during the awards function for the competitive section. They will also be disseminated among other stakeholders in the state. Every child participant will receive a certificate of appreciation at the final awards ceremony.

As this is a pilot initiative, Kallola will have only five schools participating in the process this year. Each school, through a process of internal selection, will form a team of three children who will be the filmmakers from their school. These teams from schools will be guided by experienced resource persons and mentors for conceptualizing the script and technical aspects of filmmaking.


Step 1: The interested schools are expected to complete the registration form .This enrols the three member team to participate in the contest.

Step 2: Shortly after registration, the team  will be expected to attend a script development workshop for three days where each team will be expected to develop their script for their film. 29th to 31st of March 2016 is the tentative dates of this workshop.

Step3: A technical workshop on film making, (shooting and editing) will follow for another three days for the same teams. 4th to 6th of April 2016 is the tentative dates of this workshop.

Step 4: After the workshops, the shooting schedule will be finalised and the final films will be shot, edited and finalized for submission.

Step 5: The final films developed by the team, will be submitted as an entry by respective schools to Kallola with the relevant forms before the deadline.

Step 6: The contest will be open from 10th March to 30th May 2016. In case you need clarifications please contact us on 0674-2360630/9238111127 or mail us at

Step 7: The last date for submission of the entries is 30th May'16 You will get an acknowledgement for the receipt of your entry.

Step 8: All the films in the category will be screened at the Kallola Award Ceremony and all student participants will receive a certificate of appreciation. Participating Schools will get certificate of participation with a memento.

  1. Each entry should focus on the theme mentioned.
  2. Length of each film submitted must fit within1 to 3 minutes including credit plate of 5 sec.
  3. Every school will be permitted only one entry through a three member team.
  4. Every school has to appoint one nodal person for all communication pertaining to Kallola short film contest.
  5. The participating school's decision on the selection of the three members of the team will be considered final.
  6. Participating children to be accompanied by teachers to all workshops and awards ceremony
  7. All entries must be submitted in any ONE of the following formats: MOV,MPEG or AVI.
  8. Two DVDs of each entry have to be submitted along with the entry form.
  9. Language of the entry should be Oriya /Hindi with English subtitles.
  10. The participating school is responsible for the authenticity of the work. The onus of the information provided in the entry form and declaration lies entirely with the school.
  11. The use of copyright materials (music, images etc) is not allowed, unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material - which must be produced at time of submission of entries.
  12. Contest period opens on 10th march' 16 and closes on 30th May'16. Entries submitted after 30th May will not be considered for the contest.

1) Who all can participate?
  • As it's the introductory year for the non-competitive category, this year children from only 5 selected schools will be participating. Entries have to be sent by schools represented by a 3 member team nominated by the school itself (preferably a mixed team with boys & girls of secondary level). Individual entries will not be accepted.
2) What is the theme of the contest?
  • This year's theme is 'Discrimination against girls.' The same has been described in detail in the theme page.
3) How many films can be submitted by one school?
  • Each school can submit only one entry.
4) In whose name will the certificates be given ?
  • All the 3 team members will be given certificate of appreciation.
  • The participating school will also be given a certificate of participation with a memento .
5) What should be the duration of the film?
  • The duration of film has to be between 1 to 3 minutes (including 5 sec of credit plate)
6) What format should the film be submitted ?
7) What is the date of the workshop?
  • One 3-day workshops for script development: Each team will be expected to develop one script for their film under the guidance of mentors.  date for the workshop - 29th to 31th March 2016.
  • One 3-day workshops on technical aspects of film making, (shooting and editing). date of technical workshop is 4th-6th April 2016
  • The children be required for a total of 6 days to participate in both the workshops. The journey through the 6 days carefully designed workshops will actually guide the children through the whole process of film making, right from script development, technicalities, shooting and final production.
8) Is the workshop mandatory?
  • Workshops are mandatory. The entire film will actually be developed by the children after the 6 days workshop under expert guidance
9) What is the last date of submitting the entries?
  • The deadline for submission of entries is May 30,2016.Entries received after May 30,2016 will NOT be considered.
10) What are the documents to be submitted with thw film DVDs?
  • Each entry must be accompanied with the following documents. please note-In case any of the specified documents/materials are not submitted with the film,the entry will not be considered for the contest.

  • a) Entry form filled & declaration duly completed and signed by the designated school authority
    b) production digital & still photos
    c) Digital photos of all the 3 members of the team
    d) One page profile of the 3 member team
    e) 2 DVD screener copies in prescribed format-MPVEG with English subtitling
11) Do the schools/teams need to have the prior consent of the people/children whom they are filming?
  • yes, schools need to obtain written consent from all those being filmed as per UNICEF & NCPCR guidelines in order to avoid any future litigations.
12) Is there any entry fee for participation in Kallola ?
  • NO there is no entry fee for submitting entries.
13) Who will bear the expenses of making the film?
  • While the expenses for the workshops, shooting, editing is borne by the organizers it is expected that the participating schools will take care of the following things;
  • Travel expenses of the team from home/school to venue and return (during workshops, shooting and editing)
  • Purchase the DVDs for submission
  • Production of film photo- 2copies
14) What should be the credit plate include?
  • The credit plate must only be held for a maximum of 5 seconds. It may include the name of the school, team members and those who helped in its production.
15) Where should we submit the films?
  All films to be submitted at the following address:
Aaina, 70/3530, Behind Hotel Mayfair Lagoon, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar.
16) What is the role of the school in this process?
  The school will be responsible for the selection of the three member team (preferably girls and boys).
  The school has to appoint one nodal person for all communication.
  The school has to appoint one person to escort the children to all workshops and related events.
  Help the children in translating the subtitle of the film in English.