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7th We Care Film Fest - January 15th & 16th 2019.

Congratulations winners 2019 wecare Film-festival. The winners are:

1 Min Category

1st- Blind- by Abhishek swain
2nd - Ek haat badhao by Yaso varman Panda
Jury choice - the dark side - Birendra baliyar Singh

5 min category

1st- Inside me by - Ritwik Das
2nd- ek koshis by Akram Sheikh
3rd - Sanjog by Asutosh Pattnaik.
Jury special mention - Sakuntala by Abinsh Ku Pradhan
Viewers choice award - Hey champ by Deepak Upadhyay

Congratulations filmmakers once again.

Celebrating diversity and Inclusion


'Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others'. However, it is also the environment, perception of society at large about that person that reduces his or her identity to a person with less and no ability than a productive human being. Often this social perception makes disability an issue than the impairment and the barrier itself.

Many of us are not in capable of doing many things in life for example many of us can't fly an aeroplane neither swim or cook delicious food Why then there is no branding or labeling for this disability but there are innumerable people being treated as second rate, excluded, looked down upon, abused, neglected and ill treated for some perceived or conceived notion of disability with various colloquial labels of blind, deaf, dumb, lame, mad, moron, senile so on and so forth. The typical reality shows where a participant is sympathized with tears on the eyes of jury than complementing the person for his/her abilities to sing, dance or perform is another bizarre affairs that focus more on the impairments than the ability of the person.

We have failed to see the human in the persons with disability. The disability has arisen more out of our attitudinal apathy than their limitations. We have failed to see them happy, being productive and participating in all activities. The actions in turn are limited to "provision of due facilities to them" to reduce their misery.

Aaina through We Care Film Fest in partnership with Brotherhood since 2011 strives to showcase the deeper understanding and connectivity with disability through movies forcing viewers to think of disability at a different level and hoping a change in their mindset and actions in turn. The impact that the films have depends on the way the subject has been dealt with in the movies showcased. The rating criterion of documentaries has promoted a keen viewing of these films by the students of various streams. They think about disability issues at the most basic level and consider non-discrimination and equal treatment of persons with disabilities as fundamental rights.

The festival also promotes the inclusion of people with disability. It encourages their participation in every aspect of life, be it education, access to health, livelihood, marriage and so on. The idea of inclusion alleviates the marginalization of people with disability and stresses on the environment and though process that welcomes participation of all including people with disability.

Impact analysis:

In Odisha so far We Care film fest has created a culture of bringing people from various backgrounds together and taking a discourse on different aspects of disability. Repeated viewing of movies and participation in festival has even motivated individuals working in other than in social sector to submit short documentaries on disability. The effort of bringing people from various backgrounds like mainstream cinema, human rights defender, disability rights defender, students and children with disability, and parents of children with disability, has been a significance of the festival.

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